Yadunath Chaudhari

Advocates & Legal Consultants


Area of Practice

     ·        Banking and Finance

·        Corporate Law

·        Real Estate

·        Litigation, Arbitration and   Dispute Resolution

·        Intellectual Property Law

·        Trusts & Personal Law

·        Civil

·        Criminal

·        Writ

·        Family Matters

·        Labour Matters

The Advocates here have over the years gained considerable experience and expertise in each of the said areas of practice. We aim to combine innovative thinking with a practical, solution based approach to reach solutions to serve our client’s business needs, coupled with the necessary guidance to implement them.  To achieve this objective, we co-operate, to the extent required, and in agreement with our clients, with specialists  such as auditors, management consultants, investment bankers, insurance experts and also with lawyers  where  the need so arises.  Our philosophy is to keep our clients always on the right side of the Law.